Opoly Fundraiser


Because these games are GREAT as fundraisers for your town, school, team, chamber of commerce, non-profit or any other organization looking to raise large funds.

There is NO money out of your pocket, that means every single game sold is 100% profit!


500    Games - $35.00 - $17,500

1,000 Games - $35.00 - $35,000

2,000 Games - $35.00 - $70,000

3,000 Games - $35.00 - $105,000

5,000 Games - $35.00 - $175,000

7,500 Games - $35.00 - $262,500

How It Works - Option 1

Your organization will sell the property spaces to local business as an ad. This will pay for the printing of the games 100%

There are 40 spaces you can sell, plus each money denomination, the board center, box top and much more!

We will help you get all of the artwork set in the templates, you are responsible for collecting the artwork.

Once the games come in you can sell them anywhere from $20 - $35 each. The recommended min. order for a fundraiser would be 500 games, or 1,000 per 10,000 people.

How It Works- Option 2

Your organization would pre-sell the games (min. order 500). 521 Promo will handle collecting and proofing of all ads.

We will also take care of all advertising, PR and major distribution of the games.

With this option we would split the profits 50/50.

Ask for our Fundraiser Packet

We will send you our fundraiser packet which has a break down of how much to sell the ad spaces for and also describes in detail how to market and distribute the games.

Custom Opoly Games


Town Population 10,000

Custom Board Games


Town Population 80,000

Custom Game

Wilkes-Barre Opoly

Town Population 41,000